World Class Championship Wrestling - Kayfabe Memories

A longtime mecca for pro wrestling, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is best known as the home base of Southwest Sports, Inc., the promotion owned and operated by longtime National Wrestling Alliance member Jack Adkisson (known in the ring as "Fritz Von Erich"). 

After using the brand name "Big Time Wrestling" for some fifteen years, Adkisson made the terms "World Class Championship Wrestling" and "World Class Wrestling Wrestling Association" (used...

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Teddy Hart - Wikipedia

Early life[ edit ]

Annis is the oldest male grandchild of Stu and Helen Hart. His mother is of Greek descent through her maternal grandmother and Irish through her maternal grandfather. [4] [5] [6] [7] His maternal grandfather was of Scots-Irish, English and Scottish descent. [8]

Annis grew up with three siblings, two sisters named Annie and Angela, as well as a younger brother named Matt who...

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