Georgia Wrestling Programs - College Ranking & Statistics

Georgia Wrestling Programs

If you're looking for Georgia colleges with Wrestling programs can help you find the schools with the most to offer. The information found here provides state-wide statistics on college Wrestling programs across Georgia.

Get Detailed Information on Georgia Colleges with Wrestling Programs

We've researched information from numerous resources to create one of the most in-depth Georgia college Wrestling databases available online. Here you'll find statistics that tell you what else Georgia schools have to offer in addition to their Wrestling programs.

Student and Faculty...

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List of Colleges in Georgia That Have Wrestling Teams | eHow

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Collegiate wrestling in Georgia took a big step forward in 2010, when Shorter University hired coach Josh Henson to build a NCAA Division II program. Shorter, a former assistant coach at Division I University of Pennsylvania, built a regional powerhouse and the lynchpin program in a state that also features programs affiliated with the National Association of...

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Women's Colleges - Team Georgia Wrestling

Women's Colleges

WCWA Member Schools

There are many opportunities for the females to wrestle beyond High School and there are plenty of scholarships/grants available to them for wrestling in...

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Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling Tournament Results 2017 ...

Quaker Valley Youth Wrestling Wins Conference Championship

Updated on 03/21/2017 at 05:03:19

Quaker Valley Youth Wrestling to place in the Pennsylvania State Championship this year. Elijah Faulkner, son of Floyd Faulkner, is a 6-year-old 50 pounder. Elijah has a 59-7 record on the year, and at one point won seven tournaments in a row.

Jefferson Hills youth wrestler places in national...

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Date: 2017-03-21 17:35:20

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Division 2 Colleges. List of NCAA DII Schools.

NCAA division II Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division II members 302

52% are public institutions and 48% are private institutions

Student body population ranges in size from 2,500-15,000

Average number of students at DII institutions: 4,500

Nearly 50% of student-athletes earn some type of athletically funded financial aid

DII attributes: Learning, Service, Passion, Sportsmanship, Resourcefulness,...

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Division 3 Colleges. List of NCAA DIII Schools.

NCAA Division D3 Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division III member schools: 442

19% are public institutions and 81% are private institutions

43 the number of DIII conferences

Average number of Male athletes per college: 230

Average number of Female athletes per college: 160

Search For Colleges

Use the dropdowns below to filter colleges by state and/or sport.

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