Rattler Wrestling - Otero Junior College

Meet Your Rattlers Wrestling Team

OJC's athletic director, Gary Addington, is excited about what this will mean for southeast Colorado. "This is going to be good for the Arkansas Valley with its strong wrestling tradition that spans all the way to the Kansas border," said Addington. "Having...

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Being a Part of USA Wrestling - usawks.com

Being a Part of USA Wrestling


Ted Witulski/USA Wrestling

Immediately following the 2001 high school season coaches and wrestlers from across the country will begin the process of evaluating the successes and failures from the previous high school season. Inevitably, coaches and wrestlers will come to the conclusion that in order to reach next season's goals the "team" has got to spend...

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Date: 2009-10-27 21:57:40
Website: http://www.usawks.com

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Division 2 Colleges. List of NCAA DII Schools.

NCAA division II Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division II members 302

52% are public institutions and 48% are private institutions

Student body population ranges in size from 2,500-15,000

Average number of students at DII institutions: 4,500

Nearly 50% of student-athletes earn some type of athletically funded financial aid

DII attributes: Learning, Service, Passion, Sportsmanship, Resourcefulness,...

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FAQ – Eierman Elite Wrestling

What is EE Wrestling?

Eierman Elite Wrestling is an elite competitive wrestling team coached by Mike Eierman in Millersburg, Missouri.� The team is a Missouri USA sanctioned wrestling club.� The wrestlers compete in many local and national tournaments.� Since 2006 the Eierman Elite wrestling room has produced 123 Missouri USA youth state qualifiers, 82 youth state medalists, 22 youth State...

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Website: http://www.eiermanwrestling.com

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Division 3 Colleges. List of NCAA DIII Schools.

NCAA Division D3 Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division III member schools: 442

19% are public institutions and 81% are private institutions

43 the number of DIII conferences

Average number of Male athletes per college: 230

Average number of Female athletes per college: 160

Search For Colleges

Use the dropdowns below to filter colleges by state and/or sport.

Colleges may take a few seconds to load...

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