10 Most Outrageously Creepy Pro Wrestling Face-Paints

10 Most Outrageously Creepy Pro Wrestling Face-Paints

No superstar wanted to find themselves in the opposite corner of any of these men.


Face paint and wrestling go hand in hand. Even going as far back as the early days of professional wrestling, face paint has been one of the many tools used to create new characters with just one person. For some, the face paint is there to just look...

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Pro Wrestling Books - Wrestling with words

Recent Release Roundup

Here are a few�released in recent weeks that didn't get advance listings and thus weren't in the� weekly release schedule . Note that I've decided not to include wrestling-related titles that are primarily erotica, of which you will find plenty in the self-published field.

Hardway by Hector Acosta

Fifteen-year old Spencer loves professional wrestling. It's the reason...

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Undertaker's Screaming Face | Know Your Meme

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Undertaker's Screaming Face, also known as TakerFace, is a photoshop meme featuring a cutout image of professional wrestler Mark William Calaway (a.k.a. The Undertaker) intensely staring at wrestler Brock Lesnar while screaming in his face.


During the WWE SummerSlam event on August 23rd, 2015, the Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar with his trademark "Hell's Gate" hold, winning the match by submission. That evening, the...

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Luther Reigns - Wikipedia

Early life[ edit ]

Wiese was born in Danville, Illinois before moving with his family and being raised in Saginaw, Michigan . At age 16, he lived with his mother in the suburbs. A friend recommended that he try out for the Power Plant , World Championship Wrestling 's professional wrestling school . [5]

Professional wrestling career[ edit ]

World Championship Wrestling (1997-1998)[ edit ]


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Dave's Wrestling Tapes - angelfire.com

Professional Wrestling from the 1980s!

Welcome Wrestling Fans!

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During a recent rivalry between Ric Flair and Eric Bishoff (back in the late 1990s), Flair repeatedly advocated that the current success of professional wrestling could be attributed to the professional wrestlers of yester-year. In numerous interviews, Flair even went so far as to...

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Battlebowl - Wikipedia

BattleBowl was a one-time professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event scripted and produced by the professional wrestling promotion World Championship Wrestling . The show took place on November 20, 1993, at the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida . The event featured only the "BattleBowl Tournament", where the first round consisted of eight tag team matches where the teams were...

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World Championship Wrestling (Australia) - Wikipedia

World Championship Wrestling or the stable in the WWF .

World Championship Wrestling

World Championship Wrestling was an Australian professional wrestling promotion that ran from 1964 until 1978.


History[ edit ]

The promotion gained publicity through television programs on the Nine Network which were presented at noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

An average of 6,500 people attended in the first three months of the promotion's existence, a crowd of 8,000 attended a show on 7 November in Melbourne when the first title change in the new promotion took place as...

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WWE Tickets at TicketNetwork.com


About the WWE

The WWE is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. Encompassing the brands WWE: Raw, WWE: Smackdown, and WWE: NXT, over the years, WWE wrestling has become the premiere professional wrestling brand. Founded as a purely regional wrestling brand in 1952 by Roderick "Jess" McMahon and Joseph Mondt, it was based in the Northeast United States as part...

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Jade (wrestler) - Wikipedia

Bell played volleyball at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia . [1] She then attended Marymount University on a volleyball scholarship, studying for a degree in information technology . [1] [6] At Marymount, she played volleyball until her senior year. [1]

Professional wrestling career[ edit ]

Early career (2009-2011)[ edit ]

A fan of professional wrestling since her childhood, Bell...

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Bayley (wrestler) - Wikipedia

Professional wrestling career[ edit ]

Independent circuit (2008-2012)[ edit ]

Martinez had been attending shows by Big Time Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion in Northern California , since she was 11. [5] [6] She started her professional wrestling career at the age of 18 in April 2008 by attending Big Time Wrestling's training classes by her head trainer Jason Styles, [5] [6] which...

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The website of Harley Race, World League Wrestling, and ...

Check out the event results to see what happened!

World League Wrestling

Showing the professional wrestlers of tomorrow - today.

World League Wrestling was started, and is still being ran by 8-Time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion - Harley Race - in 1999. Travelling all over the state of Missouri, WLW...

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Dos Caras - Wikipedia

Dos Caras (left) facing off against Dr. Wagner, Jr. (right) as Mil Mascaras and Canek look on.

Birth name

1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) [1]

Billed weight

96 kg (212 lb) [1]

Billed from


January 6, 1970; 47 years ago (1970-01-06) [1]

José Luis Rodríguez Arellano (born February 21, 1951) is a Mexican Luchador Enmascarado (masked professional wrestler ) who wrestles under the ring name Dos Caras...

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ESPN Launches New WWE Vertical Dedicated to Pro Wrestling


ESPN Launches New WWE Vertical Dedicated to Pro Wrestling

"We see every day how passionate wrestling fans are and how often they are also sports fans," ESPN digital director Chad Millman tells TheWrap

Debbie Emery | August 11, 2016 @ 8:00 AM

The Worldwide Leader In Sports is jumping into the wrestling ring.

ESPN.com has launched a�new vertical dedicated to delivering comprehensive...

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