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Pro Wrestling + MMA = Fire Pro MMA

Season 1 Episode 1 "First Eight" features the first half of the championship tournament to crown a champion. The winner of this tournament will face the...

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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns to PS4 and PC With Fire Pro ...

After the tease on Twitter last week, Spike Chunsoft announced they will be returning to the Fire Pro Wrestling series with Fire Pro Wrestling World, coming to Steam and PlayStation 4. With an early access on Steam in Q2 2017.

The most recent entry in the series was 2012's Fire Pro Wrestling for Xbox 360. The series is known for not having any licensed characters on the roster, but instead...

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Fire Pro Advance Archive - Saves

Contains multiple save files featuring MMA, Portable, SNES & PCE, and Official Edits. This project is ongoing and plans to recreate rosters from the many classic FirePro games. Including the official save packs for the Dreamcast FPD and more.

Download TigerMask's Complete Saves for FFPW

j33t_mang's MDWF Save for FPW1

j33t_mang sent in this save featuring 28 original MDWF e-fed wrestlers. Download...

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