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Wrestling instruction, training and technique videos are a great tool for wrestlers at all levels of competition.  We've used the power of Google video and YouTube to assemble a variety of wrestling instruction, training and technique videos for both folkstyle and freestyle wrestlers.

A few of the wrestling videos can be viewed directly from this page, but scroll down...

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Date: 2013-02-22 15:53:39
Website: http://sectiononewrestling.com

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How To Shoot: Basic Wrestling Moves and Techniques For Beginners

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Ajoutée le 1 mars 2013

Tutorial Showing a Basic Penetration Shot For Beginners. VERY important to shoot correctly. This simple breakdown is in steps to make it easier to understand how you take a shot in wrestling. Subscribe for more wrestling moves/technique videos!

This demonstration is for folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. Your shot is...

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Website: youtube.com

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Youth, Boys & Girls Wrestling Camps | Ken Chertow Wrestling


The Winter Break Training Camp is designed to give you a distinct edge over your opponents this season and during the years to come.

Since so many wrestlers benefit from the Gold Medal Summer Camp System, we know you can benefit tremendously from this mid-season intensive training camp. Through a carefully designed sequence of personalized instruction, intense drilling and live...

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Website: http://kenchertow.com

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TheMat.com - USA Wrestling

A basic introduction to the principles of coaching and wrestling technique.


Volunteer coaches, parents, entry level coaches.


One course consisting of a 3 hour classroom clinic and a one hour on the mat technique clinic. The Rookie Coaches Wrestling Guide will be used as the course manual. Coaches will complete a take home test and return it to USA Wrestling for grading and...

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Website: http://content.themat.com

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